North Park Square Dance @ Verbatim Books
Jan 24 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
North Park Square Dance @ Verbatim Books

Southern Pacific Sessions is proud to present its first SQUARE DANCE right in the heart of North Park at Verbatim Books. All ages and experience levels welcome! Suggested Donation $10

All dances taught from scratch and all moves prompted – no experience necessary. Live music from the Clinton Davis String Band. Robin Fischer (Berkeley, CA) calls the dances. It’s an old time dance party! Bring a friend or, two, or ten! Or come alone and make new ones!

Robin Fischer is a square dance caller, dance organizer, musician, and in-demand fiddle teacher based in Berkeley, CA. She loves calling for both new and experienced dancers, and has lead dances everywhere from big festival events (Berkeley Old Time Music Convention, Los Angeles Old Time Social, Parkfield Bluegrass Festival), to local community dances, to unsuspecting crowds in bars, to parking lots at midnight at music festivals, and anywhere else live fiddle and banjo music happens to be.

She is a regular caller and organizer of the Friday square dances in North Oakland, and also calls at parties, family dances, weddings, music camps/festivals, and of course big ol’ community dances! Robin loves how equalizing traditional square dancing is – no levels, no prerecorded music, no costumes, just a good old-fashioned dance party.

St. Louis Steady Grinders @ Verbatim Books
Feb 23 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
St. Louis Steady Grinders @ Verbatim Books

Ethan Leinwand and Miss Jubilee (aka The St. Louis Steady Grinders) play old-school, long lost, low-down piano/vocal blues from their hometown of St. Louis, MO. Featuring powerhouse vocals and foot-stomping piano, the Grinders bring a joy and effortless authenticity back into a forgotten repertoire. After connecting in the summer of 2014, Ethan promptly relocated from New York City to St. Louis, and the two have since performed across the United States and Europe with their dream of keeping the old St. Louis blues alive. 

Vocalist Valerie Kirchhoff (aka Miss Jubilee) has been a fixture in the St. Louis music scene since 2007. Her engaging performance style, combined with the depth and power of her voice, make her one of the most sought after performers in the region. Pianist Ethan Leinwand, through his countless performances at boogie-woogie, ragtime, folk, and blues festivals, is gaining recognition as one of the country’s leading exponents of barrelhouse blues, educating as he entertains.

“Ethan and Valerie have a certain brash tenderness that is very much appealing, … and even when they perform songs that are by today’s standards “ancient,” they seem full of emotion and fun.” – Michael Steinman . Jazz Lives